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The latest issue of Ms. Marvel was just so fucking cute (who doesn’t love that we have a superhero who is also a superhero fangirl???) that it compelled me to draw Kamala. At 1am. Also:

Okay so this is… not the avengers stuff I was working on, nor does it have anything to do with all the xmen stuff I’ve been talking about, but Sailor Moon was a huge fucking deal to my 9-year-old self, and I just watched the first ep of the reboot, so this just had to happen. 

Usagi’s teenage attitude is the best thing.


sif in palette #4 from color meme 2.0, for ironized. I’m doing this batch much more slowly. Still taking requests, though! go go go ask box me

This is the round up of most of the things I did for the color meme on my main blog- all the marvel ones, at any rate. Most of these were super quick, but I think the experience of being forced to work with a limited palette is a good one. …although some of the palettes given were kinda… ugly.


…that’s pretty much all the commentary I’ve got. just a colored sketch. fem!steve & fem!tony are pretty sacked out and so am I.

I accidentally fem!pre-serum!Steve/Peggy, because lesbians improve every pairing by at LEAST 300%

I’ve spent tonight drawing Captain Marvel and marathoning the xmen movies. Good use of time y/y?

no but nat, sam, steve, and bucky going to coney island on a crowded summer day because summerandpeopleand shut up, bucky, no one cares about your arm you count as a superhero now. steve you arenotgoing out wearing american flag swimming trunks

sam, steve, and bucky wearing “if lost return to natasha” shirts

nat wearing an “i am natasha” shirt 

-original post by basiacat

I loved the idea of the ‘if lost return to natasha /i am natasha’ shirts so much I… spent nearly ten hours drawing it. And it turned very OT4 somehow. idk, look at these highly-trained and deadly fighters dorks, clearly they’re all fucking. 

Are you excited for Agent Carter??? I’m excited for Agent Carter! Everyone should be excited for Agent Carter!

Captain America in the style of JC Leyendecker, an early-mid 20th century illustrator who is best known for painting very attractive young men in very nice clothing who look like they’re about to tear said clothing off and go down on each other. No, really.

When not painting attractive effete upper-class young men in flawless clothing, he had something of a penchant for young buff blonde men looking very oiled-up and athletic, which, well. Let’s just say if he’d really painted this, Cap would be wearing about 75% less clothing. And would be glistening and rippling more. I mean.