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Alanna the Lioness and squire Keladry. (Not from any particular scene since I haven’t read the PotS quartet in years now. If the details are off, my hazy memory is probably the reason.) Mostly an excuse to play with gothic architectural elements, really. 

[unbroken version for full effect]


Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, & Prongs.

I just needed to post this dumb thing b/c it wasn’t getting any less ugly no matter how many times I filtered, cropped, adjustment-layered, and rearranged it, so I quit while I wasn’t too far behind. (WIP here.)


On the edge of the hollow Maladict was lounging against a tree. There was this about vampires: they could never look scruffy. Instead, they were … what was the word … déshabille. It meant untidy, but with bags and bags of style. 

Polly and Mal, from Monstrous Regiment by Pratchett, who flirt for the whole fucking book and no one will convince me otherwise. 

He wasn’t feeling very well. For the last thirty miles he had been imagining that a ton of burning metal, rubber, and leather was a fully functioning automobile, and the Bentley had been resisting him fiercely.

Crowley becoming increasingly unhinged as the book goes on is my favorite part of Good Omens. This is hardly an original concept (pretty sure every GO fanartist draws the flaming Bentley at least once), but it’s such a powerful mental image, I couldn’t resist.


You really know how to woo a man.

I seemed to have managed with the skill set given.

Even I don’t know how you managed.

We’ll put it down to that concussion you got.” 

Fanart for the wonderful Remus/Sirius modern non-magic AU “Text Talk" (this scene from chapter 8), by the lovely mssrsmoony. Progress shot of this drawing here.

I may or may not have forgotten Sirius is supposed to have a broken arm during this bit. WHOOPS. 

Remus and Sirius being adorkable, Marauders-era. I started this as a fur study using a wolf as a subject, and I happened to be listening to the PoS audiobook at the time, so it… took on a life of its own. 

quick doodle of Natasha in workout clothes, done to decompress from the seriously detailed illustration I’m doing for that zine. which I’m late for. um. yeah.


Hey hey hey all you awesome Marvel fans who also enjoy my art and Steve/Bucky! I have exciting news! This little 3-color preview is only part of a larger (and full-color) illustration, which you will get to see (and hold and touch and maybe even caress if you are so moved)- BUT ONLY IF you buy the zine that it will be published in! BROOKLYN is only $8 (+shipping) and is chock-full of amazing Steve/Bucky illustrations and fancomics. One printing only, and you have until august 9th to pre-order, so go go go!

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yeah so I saw a movie last night and then did this for an hour instead of working on my thing for the zine. 

The latest issue of Ms. Marvel was just so fucking cute (who doesn’t love that we have a superhero who is also a superhero fangirl???) that it compelled me to draw Kamala. At 1am. Also: